Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Photos 2011

This year I decided not to do school pictures anymore.  Instead, we'll do family and individual shots once a year with someone who can give us the pictures on a CD to make whatever prints, etc. that we want.  That way we're guaranteed to get a 'frame-worthy' shot of everyone at least once a year.  Luckily, one of my friends here is a photographer who does just that.  (I think I'll also do some newborn shots with her early next year, which is probably kind of backward to start that with baby #4, but after realizing I had almost ZERO frame-worthy shots of my other babies, it's what I want to do.)  The individuals of the kids turned out great.  Considering the antics we had going on during the family shots, she got some pretty good photos, but I think we could do better.  So, thanks to my friend's generosity, we are probably going to try one more time.  Here's some of what we've got so far.  She also made black & white versions of most of them. 

Which one do you like best?  I want to try printing one of these pretty big to canvas at Costco, probably 16" x 20" size.

Right now, this is my favorite.


I've only had the CD since yesterday afternoon, and I am already liking the pictures better and better every time I look at them.  But, since we're going out again anyway, feel free to make suggestions on what to do different next time.  (We're already trying to prepare the kids for a better experience- bribery may or not be involved- something we didn't do last time. And I'm considering some slight wardrobe changes.)
(By the way, I think this totally counts as a 'more current post' for my November goal!)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lemonade & Homework

This officially concludes my "5 posts this month [of October]" goal- yay! Next month's goal-- aside from renewing my low-sugar effort ;)-- is to adequately document our big East Coast trip from June (likely taking at least a few posts), and to do at least one post that is more current (ie. since school started). I also should probably put these 5 posts in their proper chronological order.

Shortly before school started, I let the kids have a lemonade stand. I thought they would do it for a couple hours then be done. But they had enough customers stop by to keep them motivated the whole day! (I imposed a 2-hour break around lunchtime.) I forgot to take a picture on that day. But we kept the sign and I took this picture a few days later.

This year, I decided the kids needed to have a homework space that was separate from the kitchen table. That way, things could be left there to be finished later, instead of having to put everything away and then get it all out again. Here they are 'enjoying' their new space. (Of course now that school's been in session for a couple months, some of the novelty has worn off and they are not always this cheerful about homework!)
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another camping trip

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Finally on Two Wheels!

(In case you're wondering... I've decided our East Coast trip will be next month's goal. I started on it, but there's just too much. So, 2 more catch-up posts and I'll reach my goal!)

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Camping with Dad

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One down, Four to go...

October is two-thirds gone, and I have only 1/5th of my goal accomplished. But, I am hopeful that I will still reach my goal. The kids are finally back to a 'normal' school schedule until Thanksgiving. I am riding a hormone roller-coaster right now. It definitely has it's disadvantages, but it also (at times) makes things like catching up this blog seem infinitely more important than other tasks (today those would include scrubbing my shower and putting away the laundry among others). This one took about 20 40 minutes (this little monologue took longer than I thought) or so to put together, so hopefully I only need my hormones to work this way another 1 1/2 3 hours out of rest of the month. I do have to wonder if my slack running lately has anything to do with my mood swings. I've definitely slowed down, and have started using a Galloway-esque method to avoid potty-stops every mile. But, lately it's been more of a scheduling problem and wimping-out-to-the-weather problem than anything else. I went running for the first time this week, and I swear it's like a giant Reset Button for my mood. Sometimes the endorphine-induced high doesn't last the whole day, but it definitely helps.

I know I mentioned to some of you that I was considering a low/no-sugar diet for the last few months of this pregnancy in an effort to keep this baby as small as possible at birth (after that she can get nice and chubby). Jake was almost 9 lbs, and I have no desire to go there again! Well, we're now 3 months out and if anyone is wondering how that endeavor is going, it isn't, at least not yet. I just pawed through the jar of Skittles and Mini M&M's (Jake's potty treats), and ate ALL of the M&M's! For the past 2 weeks, I had been doing this a handful or two at a time, and only almost every day. I've been thinking it was a stupid silly (we're trying to help Jacob stop saying this word so much, he really is obsessed right now) idea to mix the two together, and today I finally rectified the situation. Yesterday, I ate about half of the 9x13 brownie pan (we MUST have treats for FHE!), frosted brownies. Thank goodness I only made half a recipe.

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