Friday, April 30, 2010

April Happenings....

Here's a few clips from the rest of April.  I thought I had grouped things together in the collage, but oh well.

**'We' dyed Easter eggs, notice that 'we' means me and the kids' stuffed animals. 
The kids lost interest pretty quickly for some reason**

**We watched General Conference in our PJs**

**The Easter Bunny brought candy loot**

**Scott and I made a house-hunting trip and the kids became bonafide SkySox fans**

**I spent HOURS on the computer to homeschool Eden**

**Jake was left to his own devices during school time and got very dirty playing outside and very good at his coordination/reaching skills.  He got multiple mini-muffins off the stacked cooling racks
without making a mess (besides on his face), and without me even noticing. 
I see ball sports in his future**

**The Dixon Clan came together for another wedding (Logan and Anna),
I got a few shots of the togetherness, but don't have any on my camera of the wedding-ness, oops,
but I WAS THERE for the main event this time!**

**My camera some how made a trip to Sacrament Meeting, still a mystery**

**I made my own chicken nuggets- definitely yummier and healthier
than the bag we usually buy at the store**

Friday, April 2, 2010

American Kids

Yesterday, Eden and Andrew were playing Just Dance on the Wii.  After "Who Let the Dogs Out?" (Andrew's fave), it got quiet for a bit.  And I hear a conversation that went something like this:

Andrew: No, I don't want to listen to that one.

Eden:  Andrew, this is a VERY important song for kids.   Its for kids to remember America.

Andrew: (not impressed) Oh.

Eden:  This song is a really IMPORTANT song for kids to help them remember America.  And America is one of the importantest countries in the WHOLE WORLD.

This went on for a while, and I'm upstairs wondering what song she could possibly be talking about.  But, I don't want to interrupt.  Apparently, she finally convinced Andrew.  Pretty soon I hear "Kids in America" by Kim Wilde blasting from the family room.  Ummm... not exactly patriotic.