Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We saw it ALL!

One thing we don't have in Rapid City is a complete zoo, so the kids and I packed a lunch and spent almost the entire day at the Woodland Park Zoo. We saw EVERYTHING! Jacob spent a lot of time in the stroller, and did really well up until the last few exhibits. And, yes, we did see real animals! But it was a lot easier to get cute pictures of the kids with the many sculptures at the zoo. One of their favorites were the chimpanzes that were hiding under cuts of burlap.

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Home-made Slip & Slide!

I have some catching up to do.... so we're going back to our summer in Washington. Everyone loved Grandpa's home-made slip & slide, even Jakey!

Utah, Summer '09

Before heading to Washington, we spent a few days with family in Utah. The timing was great for taking the kids to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. The kids were very excited, and Eden loved reading the signs posted throughout the temple explaining the different areas. Andrew's interest seemed to only last about 30 seconds. I was so impressed that BOTH of them retained a lot of that experience, and even shared some of that in Primary in my parents' ward.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Eden!

Eden had one great birthday, and even wrote me a note to tell me how much she loved everything. The pictures are out of order, but here's how the day went: she woke up to some decorations and one birthday gift to open before school; we had sticky buns for breakfast (actually her 2nd choice, but Daddy is the crepe-master, not me). She and Andrew insisted we take lots of pictures EVERYWHERE, they are so cute when they are being nice to each other! She asked me to braid her hair, a fun change from the ponytail she normally insists on. Then she was off to school with her commercially-packaged-birthday-treats (at least she doesn't know she's missing out on the cupcakes we all enjoyed as kids for school birthdays).

Right before dinner, she got to open all her presents, and was 'loved ALL of them'. The bouquet made from 12 full-size candy bars was a HUGE surprise from Daddy. Also throughout the afternoon and evening she got lots of calls from aunties and grandmas and cousins wishing her a happy birthday, she loved all the attention! She asked for green beans and ramen noodles with sourdough baguette (don't ask me!), but when we went grocery shopping she picked up sugar snap peas instead (yum! luckily she LOVES those now too). Then came the (Dixon) traditional ice cream cake- she did a great job designing this one: oreos, mint cookie crunch ice cream, chocolate fudge magic shell, cool whip, more oreos on top, plus sprinkles and candles that spelled out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" (it's quite a few more than 7 candles, but its her special day, so I gave in on her request).

She is one amazing kid, and we are lucky to have her in our family. We love you Eden!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

they learned 'favorite uncles' don't have to actually be related to them (Steven)

ice cream cake is important if you are a Dixon (we had 3 birthdays to celebrate while we were there- Dad, Michelle, and Mom!)

they learned how to climb up the ladders and on to the scaffolding, maybe they picked up some tips on replacing siding? (Logan)

definitely mastered the 'dead mummy' game and other fun on the tramp (Tricia)

and of course they learned some of the finer things in life, like "ROCK ON!" (Tricia) and dance moves you can do in the car! (Dana)

Maybe the best part of our trip was all the fun they had with their aunties and uncles!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Science Center & Fun with the Glover's

We took a trip downtown to the Science Center, fun for all ages! We're still working on avoiding the squinty smile. Somehow I didn't get very many pictures there. (There are a couple more good ones in the "Preview" post.)

My sister and her little family surprised my mom by showing up at church (her b-day happened to fall on a Sunday). It was fun to have them around for the week.

And they have the cutest little redhead girl! Kherrington spending 'quality' time with Auntie Dana.

Uncle Ryan playing 'guess-what-letter-I'm-writing-on-your-back' with Andrew. I'm not sure Andrew really got it, but he had a blast with Ryan!
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dad's Birthday, playing with family

Alright, so soon is a totally relative word.... well, before our summer with my family becomes a complete blur, let me start creating some posts.
My Dad's birthday was shortly after we arrived, and my sister Robin was able to be there for a few days that weekend too, so the kids got some cousin time. Yeah, this is the best we got, don't Jake and Resse look super-thrilled to be participating?

Eden, Andrew, and Shaun had a great time playing 'dead-mummy' with my sister Tricia.

Jakey REALLY enjoyed the traditional Dixon birthday cake, made from icecream and oreos- yum!

We were also lucky to see my Grandma (Dad's Mom) that weekend too, we missed them on our way through Utah.
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