Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Does anyone else get messages to their inbox that look like some random person has commented on a blog post, but then when you actually look at the post, the comment isn't there?  This has happened a few times in the last few months.  Thankfully, nothing obscene so far, and since the posts don't seem to be real, I'm thinking it's some kind of spam.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Museum fun with Logan

Last week, my brother came out for an ROTC convention in Denver.  He was nice enough to come a little early and play with us at the Littleton Historical Museum (the kids had another day off of school- what's up with October?).  First we stopped at a grocery store to grab a quick lunch (Lunchables are a HUGE treat for our kids).  We ate at a park right across from the museum.  The kids had tons of fun, and burned some energy so they were a little more excited for the museum after the long ride up to Denver.

Jake's favorite was this climbing wall, and he could scale it all by himself!

The museum is pretty great, and free to the public.  It is the only Smithsonian affiliate in the state of Colorado.  The museum itself has a few exhibits, including some hands-on stuff for the kids.  Then there are two 'working' farms, circa 1860s and 1890s.  It's amazing the change that 30 years could make, when that 30 years brings the railroad in.  Their website said that they have people working the farms in costume from the time period.  But, we missed all of them, I think because we waited until after lunch.  (I caught a glimpse of somebody driving a wagon at one of the farms while we were still at the park.)  So next time, I think we'll make sure we go when we can see them in action.  They keep farm animals there, but the kids favorite was a little cat they found relaxing in a window of the 1890s farmhouse.  Of course the cat bolted as soon as the house became over-run with cat-loving kids.

The kids could have spent a lot longer at these hands-on parts of the museum.  Andrew kept saying he was "The King of England!"

Thanks for playing with us Logan!  Hopefully Anna can come next time!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun at a 'pumpkin patch'

Scott's parents were able to visit with us for a few days before Eden's baptism.  Originally, I had picked out a different farm where we could go into a real pumpkin patch and pick our pumpkins.  But, this one was closer, with a petting farm, and a deal running for half-off adult admission.  And each admission came with a *free* pumpkin- any size.  (And I mistakenly thought there was a real pumpkin patch too.)  When we got there we found out they also had some other things to offer:
- a camel, seriously

- lots of fences for little Jake to climb (Andrew joined in too)

- a slide down into a small gorge

- pony rides (the kids also got to ride a barrel train)

- a hay-bale pyramid to climb on (there was also duck racing and large containers full of dried corn for the kids to play in) and *a little* of wind.  Even with Andrew's pointing finger, that is by far the best picture we got.

Notice how our pumpkins are all pretty much the same size?  Well, the 'pumpkin patch' consisted of a fenced in area with pumpkins spread all over.  And they were all pretty much the same size.  (Luckily, there was a wheelbarrow available for transporting our SEVEN pumpkins!)  A little disappointing, since I had envisioned a less homogenous display on our front porch.  But, I think we'll be making some pumpkin recipes soon- without using a can!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eden's Special Day

Eden was baptized on October 9th. We were fortunate enough to have both of Scott's parents and my mother able to attend. Eden asked both of her grandmothers to speak at her baptism. (We were also fortunate to have the program all to ourselves, since Eden was the only one in our ward being baptized this month.) She asked me to play the piano, and Scott baptized and confirmed her. I know it was a special day for her. When she came out of the water she said, "That was so exciting!" She was so happy to finally have her baptism day. My only regret is that I spent most of the time (that I wasn't playing the piano) wrestling with a quite disruptive and uncooperative Jacob. Letting someone else try to take him only made him louder. Obviously, this was something I should have thought about and made a plan for before the baptism. Should I have got a sitter? But, I don't think I would have felt right about not having Jake there. Definitely something to consider if we have another restless toddler around when Andrew turns eight.

I'm so proud of Eden and her choice to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It's the first of many decisions she will face that will greatly influence her life's path.  Love you, Eden!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Eden

"Well, I pretty much know everthing because, I learned lots of stuff in primary."

We actually got to watch General Conference on our TV this year for a couple sessions.  Saturday morning we watched with friends who projected it onto a huge wall in their living room. Sunday afternoon we listened on the computer upstairs while Jake napped, and Eden and Andrew played with Fun-Fusion Beads {= 2 whole hours of nearly perfect quiet}.  I'm so thankful for modern technology!  This is the first year we didn't drag everyone down to the church building for one session. Scott was working swings that weekend, so he only got to see the morning sessions. It was a nice weekend, but I digress.

During the conference sessions, the kids had packets I printed out from sugardoodle, the both really enjoyed those, and the bingo game (we used peanut butter M&Ms) I printed out as well. Eden really wanted more pages, even though she apparently knows everything at the ripe old age of 8. Actually, that's probably why she wanted more pages, she loves being right, and knowing everything.  It would have been nice if she had given her parents some credit, but at least she likes Primary.  Really, she's known everything since she was about 2, but now she's able to write it out for the world to see, in almost perfect English.
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