Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jake News

The kids don't think we should call him anything besides Jacob, but I think I like using Jake for short, I guess we'll see what sticks.

Finally a baby who enjoys the swing!!! I know he's not smiling or anything, but at least he'll sit there for a useable amount of time.

And Jake still does well on his tummy! Sometimes a little too well- he sometimes falls asleep :) He's definitely getting stronger!

And the winner of our cloth diaper trial is.... bumGenius V3.0 one-size pocket diaper! We tried this one first, on recommendation from two friends who use them on their older babies. Then I tried these out as well. The bG's had the best overall fit. A lot of the others were just too big around the leg which caused leaks and/or wicking. I also liked the Fuzzi Bunz, but with those we'd have to buy more everytime Jake moves up in size. With the bG's, the size can adjust so supposedly it will fit until he's potty-trained. These will be our main diaper for now. My only concern is whether the aplix (velcro) will hold up, so I'm going to try a Blueberry Deluxe One-size (snaps are supposed to last longer which may be worth the additional cost if the velcro doesn't last). And if I can find diaper covers that fit around the leg better, we may add more of the traditional prefolds. Although they're not nearly as easy to use as newer style cloth diapers like the bGs, prefolds do a very adequate job considering the much lower cost. But I really need to find better covers before I would use them on a regular basis.
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I thought this series of pictures was so cute! Eden and Andrew were "hiding their buried treasure" when I got the camera. You can see how Andrew just thinks Eden is the coolest (at least sometimes)!

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