Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Charis at 5 months

She loves usually loves to be where the action is, and she loves her Bumbo.  She's been sleeping great at night, but doesn't have much of a nap routine during the day.  She's not sitting on her own quite yet.  But that's OK, I'm in no hurry for her to be independently mobile yet!

Jake turned 4!

It's true.  Jake is 4 now, only one more year until kindergarten, it's hard to believe.  Scott got home just a few days before his birthday, which made it extra exciting for Jacob.  Pretty much the whole time Scott was gone, Jake would talk about how Daddy was coming home, and then it would be his birthday!  Those two things were always connected in his mind.  If you ask him, he will tell you he prefers to be called Jacob, instead of Jake, but he answers to either.  (Or rather he doesn't answer to either, however the case may be ;)  He is a VERY BUSY boy, and not always in a good way.  But he is also creative, and sweet, and I'm happy to have him around a little longer.  
We are still working on 'nice' smiles for the camera, but at least you can see how happy and excited he was. 
I think Andrew was almost as happy as Jake that the birthday presents made additions to our Star Wars and Legos collections.

I let him help with the cake a little.  And he did the candles all by himself :)

Here's a good smile!  We had our neighbors the Meinholds over to help us celebrate and eat cake, but we ran out of batteries before we got more pictures.
We love you Jacob!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

So far, looks like the blogpress app will be worth the $4.99. Still figuring out how it works. Of course most of our pics are on the external hard drive, so I'll still have to use the desktop to catch-up the last couple years. But hopefully this will help me stay caught up on current stuff. We'll see!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

I am still alive...

...just a *little* busy. I really would like to catch up the blog. But for now, here are a few recent pictures to enjoy.

Mexico City Trip

Charis and I were able to make a whirlwind trip (4 days total, including 2 days of travel) to visit Scott over Memorial Day Weekend.  She's our first child to travel out of the country!  He came home less than two weeks later, so we debated if we should make that effort, but I am glad we did.  It was so nice to have some time together before we had to share him with the rest of the family!  And, considering we had a baby in tow, we a good amount of touring for 2 days.