Sunday, October 7, 2012

Landsharks Fall 2012

Eden and Andrew had an awesome season!  Eden ran 2-3 miles for practice with the Great Whites, and she was so happy and excited when Andrew and one other 2nd grader got to join them too.  Eden ran 1.5 miles each race.  Andrew ran 1 mile for the first race, then 1.5 for the last 2 races.  They both qualified for the Citywide Championship!  Unfortunately, it was held on a Sunday this year, so they didn't participate.

Eden's Times (1.5 miles):
9/17 12:16
9/24 11:41
10/1 12:08

Andrew's Times:
1 mile: 9/17 8:29
1.5 miles: 9/24 12:14
                10/1 12:40

Something was off on the last night, everyone's times were higher than expected in the 1.5 mile race (they run the boys and girls together with a one minute delay on the girls).  In any case, they did awesome, and I am so proud of them!

Staining the front

A while ago, the owner had someone come to repair some woodpecker damage, re-stain the upper level of the house.  We kept the leftover stain, but it wasn't enough for the lower level, and we intended to buy more and finish the job so top and bottom would match.  Last weekend, we (Scott) finally got around to it, and let the kids help out too!

Eden and Jake hard at work.  Funny that 'upside' down was the best angle for Jake right then.

The light is cool on this one.

The tools of the trade.

Some collateral damage.  I think Jake was a little 'brush-happy'.