Sunday, December 12, 2010

{sort of} birthday interview with Andrew

I always feel a little bad about not having much to put in the blog besides a birthday celebration report for the kids.  Tonight when I was catching up on Andrew's birthday post, I remembered that our Primary did these spotlights by email.  So, I copy and pasted, 'cause that's how I roll.... (now hopefully I still have the one from Eden's birthday too....)

1. Where were you born? Honolulu, Hawaii

2. How many Brothers and Sisters do you have? 1 brother and 1 sister

3. What do yo like to do for fun? play with Legos, ride his scooter, jump on the trampoline with Dad

4. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas!

5. What is your favorite food? pizza, salami (not sure about this one, but that's what he said!)

6. What is your favorite Primary song? Joy to the World and Follow the Prophet

7. What is your favorite scripture story? Helaman and the Stripling Warriors

Guess who's six!

This guy!

He was just *a little* excited to be celebrating the big day, complete with cupcakes and presents, in the morning!  (One of the perks of Scott's weird work schedule.)

He's been asking for a 'ninja backpack' for a while.  Once I figured out what he was talking about (a weapon carrier that can be strapped to his back), I thought I might find one on clearance after Halloween.  No such luck, but Amazon came to the rescue.

Of course, no birthday would be complete without adding to his Lego collection....

... I think Legos are here to stay for quite a few years (Jake loves them too)... not such a bad thing to be crazy about, as long as they don't completely take over our house!

Once again, our photographer got lazy {read: busy serving and eating the yummy cupcakes and ice-cream} and didn't take any other pictures of Andrew's celebration.

We love you Andrew!  You are a great son and brother.  We're lucky to have you in our family!
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Early December...

Who's the birthday boy in this picture?

If you answered, Scott, you're right! It was so obvious to Andrew that the thing his father wanted and needed most in the world was a set of two Star Wars guys. "So he can have someone play with him when he wants to play Star Wars." Unfortunately, our resident photographer forgot to take any pictures of the cake, so this is the only documentation we have that Scott did indeed have a birthday this year.

Our ward Christmas party was the first weekend in December, and the theme was "A Night in Bethlehem". Lucky for us, we had these great outfits from Scott's trips to 'the desert'. We got lots of compliments, I guess deployments and TDYs have their perks... Unfortunately, Scott had to work that night so he didn't get to come to the one party this year where he'd have a reason to wear his own middle eastern outfit.

One FHE in November we collected leaves. I flattened them and coated them with wax using an iron. And, finally, a few weeks later, I remembered to let the kids make som art with them.

Eden was so excited when she came up with the idea to put all these together (Notice how well they 'go' with her shirt ;)
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