Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old MacDonald's Farm '09

So we started off our Memorial Day weekend at Old MacDonald's Farm, with cloudy skies and few sprinkles, we almost had the whole place to ourselves. The kids got to ride ponies...

....hang out in the stroller.....

...hold baby chicks.....

....and feed the calves.

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Cleaning the Bathroom

We have recently assigned chores to Eden and Andrew that they are responsible to do with either Mom or Dad. A lot of times, they both want to do both chores, so Saturday morning during Jake's nap, the kids cleaned their bathroom. I also cleaned the master bathroom, so for the firt time in way too long, we have two very clean bathrooms!
This is THE ONLY time its OK to climb up on the counter!

cleaning the bathtub- don't fall in Andrew!

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Storybook Island Grand Opening!

After cleaning the bathrooms, I took the kids to Storybook Island for the first day of the season. They have a new pirate ship!

Jakey really wishes he could keep up with Eden and Andrew, but he's usually happy enough to hang out with me!

Photo-op with the captain of the pirate ship.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

the Jake-cam

These videos of Jake are a few weeks old, but in honor of Mother's Day (late for that too).... here they are: "Jake's favorite mealtime talent" and "Playing 'fetch' with Jakey"

Unfortunately I haven't been diligent in getting footage of the other kiddos (you might hear them in the background), Jake tends to have the leading role when it comes to these things. We all love him so much!

This video was taken around the time the army crawl took over his rolling shenanigans. I never did get good video of his awesome rolling skills, but now he army crawls EVERYWHERE and tries to pull himself up on just about anything or anyone! Also, notice the "nananana" when I take the paper away. I'm positive he is trying to say "no!" since this is what he does whenever we take something away. I guess it shouldn't come as a suprise since we're usually saying "no-no Jakey" when we take things away!