Sunday, February 13, 2011

Indoor entertainment

Today's high was about 60 degrees, but the last couple weeks we've had some bitterly cold, wintery days.  In fact, there was one day that we were actually COLDER than Rapid City (according to WeatherBug), including the wind chill.  I didn't know it was possible Keeping busy {read: preserving my sanity} included letting the kids take pictures, computer games, legos, and we finally tried out the fireplace.  (Also, books,Wii, board games, and hot cocoa, but I don't have pictures of that stuff)  Every picture, except the fireplace, was taken by someone under the age of 30.
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Apparently, I am failing

... according to Eden
Eden made this 2 or 3 weeks ago

And, I am supposed to tell her she plays the piano perfectly so that her spelling and handwriting will return to normal
She put this on her door last week after a not-so-pleasant piano lesson with her most favorite teacher, who also happens to be "The Meanest Mom Ever!!!"
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Just one reason...

...that I love running here, even in winter.
This picture was taken about 3 blocks from our house.  How could going for a run and seeing this NOT make me happy?
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the way Jake naps

Jake is in that miserable transition from taking naps to not taking naps.  It started in November or December with a day here or there that he would refuse to sleep during nap-time.  This past week, he only took one real nap, although I still enforce some kind of 'quiet time' almost every day.  After Christmas, we thought it would be fun to add the toddler-bed transition to the mix, so we took the drop-side off of his crib.

  The door by his feet is his room (or was, we moved him back in with Andrew since this picture was taken).

In this one, he actually came downstairs without me realizing it and crashed on the living room floor.  I already knew he liked having the blanket over his face, but had no idea he preferred the floor over his mattress!
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Monday, February 7, 2011

more catch-up posting....

...I'll try to remember to keep links to catch-up posts current:

look at January 2011 for Christmas-2010-related posts :)