Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long-Time, No-See

So we haven't been posting regularly. We got back from our big roadtrip and started school, and I just haven't gotten all the way on top of things yet. At this point, I'm pretty sure its just not going to happen (at least not in the forseeable future). I make no promises of regular updates in the future- sorry! I'm attempting to catch-up, but we haven't been up to much since we got back, and I just barely finished those posts today! Here are some random pictures from the last couple months, that weren't from our trip:
One day after we had a big hailstorm, I opened the fridge and found a bowl of hailstones, courtesy of Eden and Andrew- they were saving them for later!

Andrew loves his little brother, and Jake thinks Andrew is pretty neat!

First morning of Kindergarten, before school....

...and after.
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Hogle Zoo

Bonneville SaltFlats

Go Cougars!

We went to Hogle Zoo during our first stop in Utah. We also got to see my cousin Anika and her girls, which was really fun! We saw my Dad, Michelle, Erin & Ryan, Dana, Logan, and my grandparents. Scott and I took Jacob to the first BYU football game of the season while Erin & Ryan entertained Eden and Andrew, thanks guys! I'm so glad we were able to visit with so many people, I'm just sorry we didn't remember to use the camera more often!

This is pretty much all we got for pictures. So, if anyone has pictures from our visit, PLEASE email them to me!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

California Trip

Jacob 2 1/2 months, Andrew 3 1/2, Jared almost 4, TJ almost 7, Hallie 1, Eden almost 6.

The last two weeks in August, we made a big trip to Utah and California. For this post I'll just talk about the California part. We wanted to see Scott's family and introduce everyone to Jacob, but luckily Utah is a great halfway point, and we got to see a lot of family there too. The first picture is at Scott's Grandpa's house, the kids call him Opa (he's the one in the yellow shirt). Scott's Aunt Sandra and Uncle Jere came over to visit too. We had so much fun with Scott's sisters Anna and Laura and their families. Andrew is especially fond of Bryan, who is almost 8, and did a great job of being like a big brother for Andrew. And Eden had great fun with all the girl cousins.
On our way back to Utah, we were able to stop and visit one of my surfer-friends, Chelsea. She also has added to the family since leaving Hawaii, so it was really fun to visit and see how our families have grown. She made some delicious sweet pork that we had in tacos, it was super yummy! Thanks Chelsea!

We did a pretty horrible job at taking photos everywhere we went (maybe some of you are glad you don't have to scroll through as many pics), but if anyone has pictures from our visit, please share them with us! Thanks!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Eden!

I can't believe its been six years already! We love you, Eden!

6 Things I love about Eden:
1. She thinks everyone is her friend.
2. She loves learning school.
3. She always wants to try new things.
4. Even though she sometimes acts shy, she really is very sure of herself.
5. She wants to do it herself and do it right (sometimes this leads to frustration- ie. learning to tie her shoes, but it really is a good trait to have).
6. She wants to be busy doing fun things- always. (Unfortunately, I can't keep up with the pace of life she'd like.)
... and one to grow on,
7. She's Andrew's best friend, even though he really knows how to push her buttons.