Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Camera

Back in March, I finally bought the Canon 60D package Costco, after eyeing it at Costco for over 2 years.  The good thing about waiting/procrastinating: I had researched DSLRs quite extensively and knew this was what I wanted, and it fit more than comfortably in our budget, plus the price had dropped a couple hundred dollars!  And when Costco ran $200 coupon on it only a couple weeks after I bought it (instead of the $100 off that was their regular offer), they gave me the difference back.  I love Costco, so glad I don't have to say goodbye for the 2 years we're in New Jersey!  But, I digress...  I have wanted an DSLR camera for a while- for better zoom capabilities and faster shutter speeds that would make taking photos of the kids so much easier when they are in the school play, or racing at Landsharks, etc.  The Canon 60D is a fairly basic, but high quality DSLR camera, a good fit for my 'needs'.  We got it just in time for our Spring Break roadtrip of Southern Colorado, so I had some time to read the manual a bit, and play around.  It is so fun!  Something about the big lens and the fast shutter sound (especially in the sports setting), makes anyone feel like a pro.  I still have a lot to learn, but I seriously love the shots we've been able to get so far.

These are the first photos I took with the camera.  I was sitting on our greenish couch in the living room, and Charis is on the fireplace hearth in the family room, a good 40 feet or so away, in the basic setting.  It's so much easier to capture certain moments when you can stay far enough away that the kids don't know they're being photographed.  The only downside, isn't really the camera, it's just that I still haven't completely figure out how to organize all our photos so that I can find them again on this computer. That's what I've been working on lately, so hopefully I can get to posting more frequently and consistently.